Song of the Week # 28 and 29

*runs and jumps into post* Hey! Hope your Friday has been good to you so far.

The beginning of last week was terrible for me. One of my close relatives was hospitalized and my family and I were afraid that this person wasn’t going to make it. Thankful that wasn’t the case but it brought on the realization that this person that I love dearly will not always be around. I also got another job! I will be doing merchandising part-time for a national brand. I can’t wait to get started with training. This past week has been much quieter but still a little stressful. I have lots of things on my mind. It seems as though things are looking up for me. I’m grateful that I have been able to survive so far. And I also played a little piano today lol. I’m so rusty, it’s embarrassing. I’m going to get back into practicing again, so that I can complete the work that I started almost 2 years ago. Time sure does fly.

I became a fan of Porcelain Raft after hearing about them on Pitchfork last year (maybe?). I really liked the simplicity of the songs and the earnestness of the lyrics. They seemed to strike something deep in me. My favorite Porcelain Raft song is “Everything From Your Hands” but this song is definitely a close second. I never did get around to buy the debut album, “Strange Weekend” but I mean to remedy that as soon as possible. If you liked stripped down music, with an unusually bent to it, Porcelain Raft is definitely worth checking out. And the MVs for the songs are pretty cool too.

I remember when I first found “On An Island” at the local library. I was blown away at Gilmour’s artistry. The guitar parts, the lyrics, it was fucking beautiful. I remember listening to this album over and over and over again until I went out and got my own copy of it and listened to it on my mp3 player over and over again. If I ever do a top 10 list on this blog, this album would definitely be in the top 5. It’s hard to pick a favorite song, since every song on this album is amazing but this song along with “Red Sky At Night” and “Smile” are definitely my favorites. Hopefully Gilmour will put out another album one of these days.

Hope you have a nice weekend and thanks for tuning in!

PS. INITIUM Book 2 is coming out April 1! I’ll post a link on here so that you can check it out.


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