Song of the Week #13

Another week has come and gone like the sand through an hourglass. Thankfully, unlike the Days of Our Lives, nothing too exciting has happened.

I’ve managed to wrap-up the rest of book 1 of INITIUM this week. I had planned on typing and make corrections today but my wrist is killing me. I’ve been experimenting with making flavored water and tea, using this recipe. Opening and closing all those mason jars has caused my wrist to protest quite a bit. My partner in crime and I are making finally preparations for the premiere next Wednesday and I could not be more excited. I hope that you all will check out the comic and let us know what you think of the pilot.

I’ve had this song stuck in my head most of today and yesterday. I guess it has something to do with the project, gearing up for the premiere and wondering how people will react. “Destiny” is from the CLAMP anime X/1999. This song strikes a serious note, reminding me of the march of time and destiny, how they seem to carry on whether we like it or not. Time waits for no man, so the saying goes. The melody is my favorite part of the song. It has a sweet sadness to it, giving the listener an idea of the pain and sorrow that awaits the characters in the anime. If you like CLAMP and dark anime stories, I’d suggest that you check out X/1999. It’s a great story with interesting characters.

PS. INITIUM will premiere Wed, Oct. 10th at 9pm EST (6 pm for us West Coast people). Please come check out the comic and tell us what you think!

Until next time.


About lostincompositionland

absentminded composer/writer with short-ass attention span. Prone to fits of silliness at the drop of a hat. :P
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