Thick As A Brick 2?

So I sign in to Yahoo this morning and start reading the latest news, only to see this headline: Jethro Tull gets thicker on “Brick 2”. At first I wasn’t sure if I’d read that right so, I looked at a few more headlines before reading the article. Apparently Ian Anderson began to wonder what would have happened to the fictitious child poet, Gerald Bostock (who wrote the original lyrics) 40 years later. The interview itself is really good especially Anderson’s response to the last question:

Q: “The music industry’s changed so much since you began in the ‘60s. What’s your take on it today?”

A: “It’s much more competitive and over-subscribed in terms of participants and wannabe-participants. But we also have a lot more choice and it fits the age. We eat fast food and snack, and it’s the same with music. I don’t think we sit down and listen to music the way we used to. We tend to snack on it while we’re multi-tasking and on the move. So we hear more music than ever before. I’m not sure that we actually listen to it. But the access is unparalleled in terms of ease and cheapness.”

If you are into Jethro Tull you may want to go check out the full interview. I have the original “Thick As A Brick” on vinyl, which I found at thrift store in fairly good condition about two or three years ago. I’m not sure if I want to listen to “Thick As A Brick 2” though. Have any of you listened to it? What did you think of it?


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2 Responses to Thick As A Brick 2?

  1. Butch John says:

    listened to it. contains 17 songs, all broken unlike the original. hints of the old Tull pop up, but nothing really that would lead you there if you didn’t know better. I keep comparing it to Ian’s The Secret Language of Birds. The most interesting part of the release is not the release itself, but the live back-to-back treatment he gives both TAABs in concert. The first half of the set is the new album, which changes little from TAAB 2. The original gets several new treatments, mostly vocal given Ian’s advancing age and loss of voice. Martin’s missed on both the studio and concert performances, but that might be me given the fact I’ve been following Tull from the start. TAAB 2 is worth a real listen – not just background noise – if only because you never know what you get when you get new Tull/Ian material.

    • I guess I’ll have to give it a listen then. I can’t say that I know a lot about Tull to begin with. I have TAB and Aqualung on vinyl and do like to listen them every so often. Probably won’t be able to see them live though, too poor. Thank you for commenting!

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