There are no genres

While I was read Pitchfork today, I came across an article about the indie-classical scene, which I hadn’t heard of. The writer, Jayson Greene opens the piece with a description of a concert he attended that featured Andrew W.K. and the Calder Quartet. I found it interesting that W.K. would be there. Then again he is the same person who recorded several Gundam songs (which I thought were pretty cool btw), so I guess that isn’t too surprising. Greene explains how the scene developed and what the influences were, name-checking Philip Glass among others. He then goes on to introduce a couple of albums for the reader to sink their teeth into.

While I read through the article and later listened to some of the music, I realized that this may be the direction I am headed in. Especially when I listened to this piece by David Lang, which reminded me of what I was trying to do with my piece “Inward.” I am a lover of classical music, learning the Suzuki method in elementary school, received a stack of classical cds as a child, and as an adult, bought a few LPs and downloads from Amazon. I’m also a fan of rock and jazz too. I love Minus the Bear. And I also love Erroll Garner. I’m not sure how all of this is going to work but I guess I’ll stumble through it somehow.

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2 Responses to There are no genres

  1. awindram says:

    Intesting, I thought Andrew W.K had become a children’s TV presenter.

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