a discovery and a solution

So, I finally managed to get to the piano this week, lol. I would tell myself the night before, ‘I’m going write and do some music, blah blah blah.’ And then the next day, I’d either get distracted or the phone would start ringing or something else would happen. I only worked two days this week, which was ok but I’m still broke as ever :/

This afternoon, I managed to do quite a bit of work on “Inward” in a relatively short amount of time (even with my cat giving me the business, lol). I had been thinking about where the Body section is supposed to go, while looking over my notes, and realized that it’s probably going to be heavy and rather fast. I had already written the intro and was trying to figure out the rest of the melody, when I realized that I might have something written down already that would fit with this particular section. Occasionally, I’ll jot down weird little bits of music that have nothing to do with what I’m working on at the time. I usually write them on a separate piece of paper and set them aside, figuring that I might turn them into a full-fledged piece later. This particular stray musing had been written back in March. I had written about two lines of music, mostly right hand, and had been at a loss as to what I should do with it. It fit right in with a transitional measure I had written last week and fit with the key that I am writing in. I copied the first three measures and played them together with the rest of the Body section. It was amazing how it all fit together so nicely. The other measures were a little confusing and need to be ironed out more but it shouldn’t be too hard for me to unravel them and make the complete.

I also wrote a few notes for the Spirit section, which is probably going to be in the key of C. At the moment it’s about a measure long, if that. The Mind section may end up being in the key of E. I’m not totally sure about that, though. All in all, it was a good day for music. I organized my papers and I’m one step closer to finishing this section.


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absentminded composer/writer with short-ass attention span. Prone to fits of silliness at the drop of a hat. :P
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