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So, on Pitchfork today, a quote was posted from Sufjan Steven’s label about their apprehensiveness about his new album being released on Amazon vs. being bought directly from them or other sources. In the article, which was posted by the Guardian, the label (management? idk) asked fans to weigh their options carefully. The full article can be read here. I use Amazon a lot myself. I like that they have a large selection of music that they offer digitally, along with CDs, LPs, etc. They also sell music at discounted rates, usually for a limited time. Their best gimmick, imho, is the monthly $5 album deals. They select a number of albums each month, usually every genre, and have them discounted until the end of the month. I have gotten a few good albums because of this and other discount specials like many other people.

This creates a problem for Stevens and other artists who want to paid for their work at a reasonable rate. For a digital copy of his new album, the label feels that $8 is the right amount, which I agree with, considering the cost of new CDs and LPs. It is very rare for me personally to buy a brand new CD or LP. Most of my most recent purchases of physical media have been used, mostly because I’m too broke to buy everything new all the time. The only group I would probably buy new stuff from would be Minus the Bear, who I love passionately, but that’s a whole ‘nother post, lol.

This got me thinking about my own project and how exactly I planned on distributing it. I got back into piano and writing music because it helped me snap-out of my post-grad freakout. I have no illusions of making tons of money or owning a yacht or something. I do this because it is something that I love. Initially, I just planned to upload to a file-hosting site and release it out into the ether, but maybe I should make some effort at self-promotion. I went over to Bandcamp, which helps artists distribute their music and such, and read their faq page. I think that maybe I might put my stuff up over there and just let people pay whatever they wish. idk, we shall see what happens. in the mean time, back to work I go….


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