taking shape

Finally made some progress on my third piece tonight. I just started my new job on Sunday, so my time is not as fluid like before. This is probably a good thing, for me anyway, because it forces me into some kind of structure and time schedule to plan things around. I’m not sure how long I’ll be at this job. Hopefully long enough to save up for some equipment, pay off my student loans, and build up my savings.

I managed to write about two lines of music. Adding that to the rewritten parts and the three lines of music added to the second line of “Inward” and I probably have about a full page now or more, which is a relief. This piece has been troublesome almost from the start. After I wrote the first line, nothing sounded quite right. I was getting frustrated with it and crossing things out constantly. Now the piece has some shape and the form is starting to appear. I have a better idea of where the piece is going to go and feel a little bit confident about it. I have some more free time tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get even more done.


About lostincompositionland

absentminded composer/writer with short-ass attention span. Prone to fits of silliness at the drop of a hat. :P
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