Piano composition project

I have talked a little bit about my piano compositions before on Facebook. I started playing piano again back in Feb, working on compositions and coming up with ideas. I’ve been playing since I was a kid and took lessons until I graduated high school. Up until recently I’ve been playing guitar. But since I’ve been back living with my mom, piano has re-entered the picture.  I am think of recording an EP of some of my piano compositions and posting the results for you to hear. I have recorded one song already, “A Study in Bleakness” and I have another one, “Trace Memories” that needs mixing but I’m might re-record it. I’m working on the third piece right now, working title “Inward.”  Hopefully I’ll be done soon. I’ll try to keep you update on what I’m up to music wise. Cross your fingers!


About lostincompositionland

absentminded composer/writer with short-ass attention span. Prone to fits of silliness at the drop of a hat. :P
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